Support wounded civilians in Gaza with Equal Exchange & PARC

Since 2011, Equal Exchange has partnered with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC) to bring organic extra virgin olive oil from West Bank farmers to consumers in the United States. To expand this relationship to additional farmers, we are piloting a “Palestinian Farmers Box” of several other products later this summer. In the midst of this process, the devastating violence in Gaza — where PARC works as well as in the West Bank — has led to the death of more than 100 Palestinian civilains and injury to over 12,000 more. To address this crisis, PARC has added urgent response work to their agenda. They have launched a campaign to alleviate some of the suffering of victims by funding the purchase of 100 electric wheelchairs. The wheelchairs will be distributed to those suffering from severe injuries in the spine or those who have lost their legs.

It’s not often, but from time to time Equal Exchange feels compelled to respond to a specific aid or relief request from our coop partners. This is one such time and as we anticipate the arrival later this summer of the farmer boxes, we encourage those who are able to make a contribution to this valuable program through our partners at Hesperian. Donations by check should be sent to Hesperian at the address below and include "PARC" in the memo. All donations must be received by July 31st.


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Support wounded civilians in Gaza

Support wounded civilians in Gaza

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