Support the Potong Tea Garden families

In June 2017, a strike spread across Darjeeling, India and closed the entire region for 104 days. The shutdown of the region and of the entire tea sector means that the farmers and families of Potong made a small fraction of their normal income during harvest season. With winter in full swing, the tea bushes are now dormant and there is no leaf to sell. The families are looking for support for food and basic necessities to get them through this very difficult period. 

To show solidarity, Hesperian is working with our longtime partner, Equal Exchange, to raise funding for the families. Equal Exchange has worked with the Potong Tea Garden for years, and they have already sent $30,000 to help get them these essential supplies. Equal Exchange hopes to send additional funds as charitable contributions from their 2017 financial year along with $30,000 in contributions from friends and allies. We appreciate any support you are able to offer to help us reach our total fundraising goal of $90,000 for the families of Potong.


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Equal Exchange & the Potong Tea Garden

Equal Exchange & the Potong Tea Garden

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