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Please join us in celebrating Digital Projects Manager, Tawnia Litwin's 15 years at Hesperian Health Guides. Tawnia has championed the vision of a free, multilingual platform to put Hesperian's life-saving information onto the internet, making our materials available everywhere. Thanks to her efforts, Hesperian now has 10 books and several fact sheets available on the HealthWiki, with resources in 16 languages, and even more in progress.

In addition to her work developing and improving the HealthWiki, Tawnia also coordinates the work of volunteer translators all over the world. Tawnia has worked to support hundreds of volunteers in the release of over a hundred translated editions -- her efforts have helped make 265 Hesperian titles available in 85 languages!

We would like to show Tawnia how much we appreciate her hard work and vision. In honor of her 15th anniversary, several volunteers and Board members have offered $15,000 in a matching grant. Please help us meet this match by September 15th. Everything you give will be doubled and all of it will go to expand the work that Tawnia leads as our Digital Projects Manager.


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Help Us Honor Tawnia!

Help Us Honor Tawnia!

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