Changing Planet, Changing Health

    Changing Planet, Changing Health

    Paul R. Epstein, MD, and Dan Ferber  |  2011
    Published by University of California Press


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    Brilliantly connecting personal stories with cutting-edge scientific and medical information, Changing Planet, Changing Health takes readers around the world—to Mozambique, Honduras, the United States and beyond—on an eye-opening investigation of how climate change is affecting malaria, Lyme disease, cholera, asthma, and other health threats.

    “We must transform the way we power society and organize our economy to preserve a livable planet.”

    Changing Planet, Changing Health

    In the midst of devastating typhoons, tornadoes, and “superstorms,” climate change is increasingly making headlines. Paul Epstein, a physician and expert on climate and health, and Dan Ferber, an award-winning science journalist, dig deeper to explore how climate change is altering health and disease patterns around the world. The authors also evaluate topics such as cap and trade, Climategate, and the relationship between global warming and capitalism. Most important, Changing Planet, Changing Health proposes an innovative set of solutions for shaping a healthy global economic order.

    Praise for Changing Planet, Changing Health

    "[The authors] offer stunning revelations about the ways that the climate crisis is jeopardizing food security and accessibility to drinking water while propelling disease vectors that are threatening public health worldwide. This book, the first to solely focus on the connection between the climate crisis and its damaging health effects, sounds a clarion call that shows how we can heal the earth and ourselves."
    Al Gore

    "Climate change has brought a new imperative to global health efforts worldwide. We must be ambitious in our response and heed the personal, political, economic, and institutional advice so keenly prescribed here by Paul Epstein and Dan Ferber."
    Paul Farmer, MD, Co-founder of Partners in Health

    "Makes it clear that the health threats from climate change are here, and need immediate coordinated effort to keep in check."
    E! The Environmental Magazine