Home Based Life Saving Skills Large Picture Cards

    Home Based Life Saving Skills Large Picture Cards

    Sandra Buffington, Lynn Sibley, Diana Beck, Deborah Armbruster  |  2010
    Published by American College of Nurse-Midwives


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    The Home Based Life Saving Skills (HBLSS) Large Picture Cards provides all of the illustrations found in the HBLSS training manuals, but on large, heavy-weight paper suitable for use in larger group situations. These picture cards are useful in community training meetings to illustrate important points, and are an important resource for people with limited reading skills.

    “Birth teams and birth attendants can help save the lives of women and babies by recognizing problems and taking action.”

    Home Based Life Saving Skills

    The HBLSS Large Picture Cards contain hundreds of cards that illustrate such medical issues as problems during pregnancy, labor, and birth; low birth-weight; and illnesses after birth. Large (8" x 10") drawings are used to display health problems, and "Take Action" pages illustrate how best to respond.

    The American College of Nurse-Midwives field-tested the HBLSS materials, process, and activities in India, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Gaza Strip, and the West Bank, to ensure their usefulness in a variety of social and cultural situations.