JourneyWoman: A Native Woman's Guide to Wellness

    JourneyWoman: A Native Woman's Guide to Wellness

    Published by Native JourneyWomen


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    JourneyWoman is a wellness guide for Native American women that covers health issues throughout the stages of life. This resource was produced by the Women's Wellness Program at the Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest (NARA) Indian Health Clinic, an indigenous-owned and operated nonprofit in Portland, Oregon.

    “Honor and respect your body, for you only have one and it was created to support you during your life cycle.”


    The idea for JourneyWoman came from Native women who asked for health and wellness information tailored specifically to their lives and experiences. After reviewing a number of different manuals, they chose to model their book after Hesperian's Where Women Have No Doctor.

    Volume 1 covers women's health and wellness issues from each stage of a woman's life; health issues such as sexually transmitted infections, heart disease, diabetes, breast and cervical cancer, and HIV/AIDS, as well as nutrition, alcohol, family planning, sexual assault, and emotional well-being. The book also addresses barriers to wellness for Native women.

    JourneyWoman is an inspiring example of grassroots groups using Hesperian's open copyright policy to adapt Hesperian materials for their own community's needs.

    Native JourneyWoman is a non-profit organization that provides wellness education and guidance to Native women.

    Praise for JourneyWoman

    “It may encourage women to start speaking out. The book does grab attention! It is a wonderful, beautiful, helpful book! I am glad for the opportunity to have the book, and to be able to pass the books out. The book is eye catching. Other women wanted to know where to order the book and want the second book when it comes out.”
    Teresa K. Barber, Field Tester for JourneyWoman

    "This is a wonderful book to help our Native sisters take a proactive and knowledgeable stand on their health care.”
    Field Tester for JourneyWoman