Life-Saving Skills Manual for Midwives

    Life-Saving Skills Manual for Midwives

    Margaret Ann Marshall, Sandra Tebben Buffington, Angeline Hale  |  2008
    Published by the American College of Nurse-Midwives


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    The Life-Saving Skills (LSS) Manual for Midwives and its training program builds on years of experience of midwives practicing in rural and urban areas. It is focused on strengthening the capacity of midwives and others with midwifery skills to save the lives of women and babies—and is also recommended for community training programs, schools, ministries of health, and professional associations. Since its inception, this manual has encouraged midwives to assume greater responsibility for recognizing and responding to life-threatening emergencies.

    “The role of the midwife in decreasing maternal mortality throughout the world is a great one.”

    Life-Saving Skills Manual for Midwives

    First published in 1989, the Life-Saving Skills Manual for Midwives has increased the health impact of midwives in developing countries all over the world. This 4th edition, revised in 2008, was reviewed by LSS Trainers and Safe Motherhood Consultants from 10 different countries, and features 10 modules in five paperback books, plus a spiral-bound "Guide for Caregivers."

    It includes critical information for antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum normal care; life-saving knowledge and skills related to the major killers of women and babies; a review of updated best practices; expanded HIV and family planning information; modules on infections, episiotomies, hemorrhage, resuscitation, and more. The user-friendly format with easy-to-understand language makes Life-Saving Skills Manual for Midwives accessible to everyone.

    Praise for Life-Saving Skills Manual for Midwives

    Life-Saving Skills focuses on skills to reduce the high maternal mortality and global burden of pregnancy related illnesses and death in the developing world. The nation thrives when mothers survive; we need to keep them alive.”
    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia

    LSS is a clearly written and illustrated training manual, our best tool for reaching the MDG 5 [Millennial Development Goal 5].”
    Joe Taylor, MD, LSS Trainer in Ghana