Preparedness Set

    Preparedness Set


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    Three of our most popular titles, together in a set for the first time. The Preparedness Set contains two must-have titles on basic health care for people — Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist — and an additional book, Where There Is No Animal Doctor, on the health of farm animals that are essential to the well-being of communities.
    Regularly $73.85 if purchased separately, this set is only $58.95 — a savings of 20%.

    Where There Is No Doctor is the most widely used manual for health workers, educators, and others involved in primary care and health promotion around the world. This manual provides practical, easily understood information on how to diagnose, treat, and prevent common injuries and illnesses. Current edition includes updated information on malaria, HIV, and more. (Read full description)

    Where There Is No Dentist covers essential oral health and hygiene using accessible language and illustrations. This manual is frequently used by community health workers, educators, and individuals from around the world to help people take care of their gums and teeth. (Read full description)

    Where There Is No Animal Doctor is essential in areas where livestock play an important role in daily life and there is little or no access to veterinarians. This simply written and heavily illustrated manual is useful for farmers, technicians and community leaders working to improve the health of farm animals. (Read full description)