Volver a Vivir / Return to Life

    Volver a Vivir / Return to Life

    Suzanne C. Levine, members of the PROJIMO community rehabilitation project  |  1996
    Published by Chardon Press


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    Volver a Vivir se enfoca en PROJIMO, un proyecto revolucionario de la rehabilitación basada en la comunidad, ubicado en las montañas alejadas de México pero conocido como ejemplar por todo el mundo. En este libro bilingüe, Levine comparte el proceso de PROJIMO con fotos y testimonios de los miembros del proyecto quienes pueden "volver a vivir" después de sufrir una discapacidad. La sobrevivencia e independencia de estas personas abandonadas por el sistema médico muestra el poder de PROJIMO y los programas de rehabilitación basados en la comunidad.

    “The human rights to survival, mobility, and integration need not be denied even in the most difficult of circumstances.”

    Volver a Vivir

    Project PROJIMO is a classic example of people working together to build meaningful and productive lives. Its members are people living with disabilities, who are helping each other live independent lives and integrate into mainstream culture. In Volver a Vivir, Suzanne Levine brings us the stories of the members of Project PROJIMO. Her images go beyond the activities of the people to show warm, close details of their family life and the great variety of work they engage in. Each person highlighted in this book chose the photos to use, and is given the opportunity to tell his or her own story.

    Volver a Vivir is literally about PROJIMO, but it reflects a worldwide movement of people with disabilities in developing countries coming together, meeting their needs, and going on to inspire and encourage the rest of society.