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Book Order FAQs

Q. How can I order a book?

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Q. When will I receive my order?

A. Your delivery will arrive depending on your shipment choice:

UPS has trackable, guaranteed delivery in the US to arrive in no more than 1 week.

Media Mail, the least expensive option, delivers in 5-14 days.

Priority Mail International delivers in 1-3 weeks anywhere in the world.

Express Mail Guaranteed has trackable, guaranteed delivery in 3-9 days worldwide.

Q. Do you offer overnight shipping?

A. Please contact us for rush shipping. Allow 24 hours for processing and additional handling charges may apply. Overnight shipping is available for orders within the United States and international orders can usually be delivered in 2-3 days.

Q. Is my credit card information secure?

A. Yes. Hesperian uses a secure online ordering system provided by and uses SSL technology to transfer confidential information. We do not save your credit card information once the transaction is complete.

Q. I live outside the US and do not have a postal code. How should I fill in this field?

A. If your address does not have a postal or zip code, type "XXXX" in the space for "Zip/Postal Code" under the Shipping and Billing address forms.

Q. Are there discount options?

A. We work to sell our books at an affordable price, but people working in poor communities may contact us for “developing country” guidelines and prices. Grassroots groups in such countries may qualify for free materials by applying to the Gratis Book Program. See Bulk Ordering for large quantity discounts and bookstore pricing.

Q. What are the rules for using promo codes?

A. Hesperian often offers promotional discount codes for newly released products, in honor of a day or month of recognition, such as Women’s month each February, and in response to global crises, such as natural disasters or disease outbreaks. While each individual promo code indicates a single product or a category of products to be discounted, certain restrictions always apply:

  • Book sets are never discounted unless otherwise specified, as sets are automatically 20% off
  • Books from outside publishers are only discounted when specified (“save on all titles”)
  • Limit one promo code per purchase
  • Concern America titles are not eligible for discounts

Q. Can I choose my own combination of titles to put on a US?

A. Yes, if you would like to purchase multiple titles on USB, browse our book sets to see preset combinations available on USB, or contact us directly to request specific titles.

Q. Where can I buy a translation?

A. Visit our online bookstore and then choose a language from our drop-down menu. We are always adding to this list so check back!

See Resources by Language for additional materials in other languages including translated editions sold in other countries by our partners and online resources through Hesperian’s HealthWiki, downloadable pdfs, and apps.

Q. Can I add a donation to my book order?

A. Yes! You can easily add a donation during checkout. Your support helps us develop new health materials and send books to communities that can’t afford the cost.

Q. Is my book order tax-deductible?

A. While book purchases are not tax-deductible, donations to Hesperian are 100% tax-deductible. You’ll receive a “thank you” from Hesperian for your records.

Q. How can I find out if my book has been shipped?

A. You will receive an email confirmation when we ship your order. Contact us if you have any questions.

Q. Why does the shopping cart ask me for a password?

A. When you place an order, you have the option to set up an account to access your shipping information for your convenience in the future.

Q. Do you share my personal information with other organizations?

A. No, we do not rent, sell, or otherwise share your information in any way. See our Privacy Policy.