Community–Based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon

    Community–Based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon

    Teresa Glass Connaker  |  2018
    Published by Hermes House Press


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    This is the story of how a community came together to make the best of its natural, human and community resources to help children with disabilities reach their maximum human potentials, leading to a stronger, more compassionate and loving community for all. Also available in Spanish.

    "Power is created when people work together toward a common goal." 

    Community-Based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon

    The book can serve as a reference, providing useful tools and knowledge for developing community-based rehabilitation programs. It can also be used to guide the reader to specific institutional interests or needs. Containing many examples of materials created and used in putting community-based rehabilitation into practice, perhaps its greatest virtue is the ease with which its ideas and information can be adapted to different contexts.

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