Training for Transformation, Vol. 4

    Training for Transformation, Vol. 4

    Anne Hope, Sally Timmel  |  2000
    Published by Practical Action


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    Training for Transformation is designed to assist workers in the field who are encouraging the development of self-reliant creative communities. This new volume is divided into easy-to-follow modules, which can be covered in any order, making it a practical and accessible workbook for community development workers.

    “Involving local people actively in the transformation of their own reality is as relevant today as it ever was.”

    Training for Transformation, Vol. 4

    This volume of Training for Transformation focuses on the environment, gender and development, ethnic and racial conflict, intercultural understanding, and building participatory governance. The authors draw on their direct experience of working on community development programs in South Africa and in the United States., and each section contains simulations, real life stories, statistics, news articles, and poetry and drama from local communities.

    Extensively field-tested with groups in different countries, this is a valuable addition to the classic three-volume set. The text is ideal for adult education, social workers, community organizers, churches, trade unions, and all those concerned with creating social justice.

    Praise for Training for Transformation

    “A comprehensive set of handbooks that needs to be in all practitioners’ hands. As inspirational as they are practical.”
    Mamphela Ramphele, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town

    “These books have much to offer community workers and adult educators engaged in the struggle to help people take some control over their lives.”
    Association of Community Workers