Guide des sages femmes

    Guide des sages-femmes

    French translation of A Book for Midwives Susan Klein, Suellen Miller, Fiona Thomson  |  2016
    Published by Hesperian


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    Ressource vitale tant pour les sages-femmes en activité que dans le cadre des programmes de formation au métier à travers le monde, ce livre, mis à jour pour incorporer les nouvelles directives de l’OMS/UNICEF, couvre l’essentiel des soins à dispenser avant, pendant et après l’accouchement. Également disponible en Anglais, Créole haïtien, Espanol, Népalais, et Ourdou.

    “Women and families will always need compassionate and respectful care before, during, and after birth.”

    A Book for Midwives

    With their unique combination of skill, patience, and accessibility, midwives are essential to the worldwide struggle for maternal and child health. Clearly written and illustrated, A Book for Midwives was developed with the participation of community-based midwives, midwifery trainers, and medical specialists around the world and helps equip midwives and trainers with the information they need to reduce dangers in childbirth.

    Useful in a wide variety of settings, from the rural village or urban clinic, this illustrated guide serves as a training manual for students or as a reference for experienced midwives. Topics in this lifesaving resource include healthy pregnancy; preventing and managing obstetric emergencies; facilitating safe labor and birth; breastfeeding; the health needs of new babies; STIs, HIV, and cancer; family planning; helping women when a pregnancy ends early and abortion; designing low-cost equipment; involving community in women’s health; and more.

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    Table of Contents (English PDF)

    Chapter 6: Common Changes in Pregnancy (English PDF)

    Praise for A Book for Midwives

    “As in Where There Is No Doctor, the Hesperian Foundation has again created a clearly written and culturally sensitive book which can be used by healthcare providers throughout the world who care for women and their babies and excellent resource providing accurate technical information."
    Kathy Herschderfer, Secretary General, International Confederation of Midwives

    "This comprehensive text for midwives is beautifully written and illustrated for teaching purposes in areas of the world in which maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality are quite high. The book is our best tool so far for preventing unnecessary deaths."
    Ina May Gaskin, author of Spiritual Midwifery

    A Book for Midwives not only provided the template with which to teach in developing countries, but also helped us create an inclusive and grassroots approach to clinical teaching, while showing us how to stay professional as well.”
    Pam Silverstein, MD FACOG, Health Development Initiative-Rwanda

    A Book for Midwives has been found and used as a good resource by community midwives during training and in their practices after training for building their knowledge and skills. In some cases… A Book for Midwives encouraged the primary health providers, such as female vaccinators, to apply and attend community midwife training programs.”
    Hamidullah Saljuqi, Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, Afghanistan