Un manual de salud para mujeres con discapacidad

    Un manual de salud para mujeres con discapacidad

    Spanish translation of A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
    Jane Maxwell, Julia Watts Belser, Darlena David  |  2009
    Published by Hesperian


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    Desarrollado con la participación de mujeres con discapacidad en 42 países, esta guía ayuda a las mujeres a superar las barreras del estigma social y la falta de servicios para mejorar su salud en general, su autoestima y su habilidad para participar activamente en sus comunidades. También disponible en inglés y nepalí.

    “When a disabled woman has good health it means she experiences well-being—of her body, mind, and spirit.”

    A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities

    Developed with the participation of women with disabilities in 42 countries, this groundbreaking guide helps women with disabilities overcome barriers so they can improve their health and advocate for better health care. A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities is an essential resource for health professionals, caregivers for women with disabilities, and trainers working with disability groups.

    Women with disabilities often discover that inadequate care and social stigma are greater barriers to health than the disabilities themselves. Un manual de salud para mujeres con discapacidad helps women with disabilities overcome these barriers while providing practical advice on self-care, healthy and safe sexual relationships, family planning methods, pregnancy and childbirth, and violence and abuse.

    Full of advice and stories compiled from women with disabilities around the world, Un manual de salud para mujeres con discapacidad provides accessibly written, heavily illustrated information to help women and their communities organize for disability-friendly health care, overcome barriers like limited access to equipment to care for daily needs, and educate to prevent stigma and its harmful effects.

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    Chapter 6: Health Exams (PDF)

    Praise for A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities

    "A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities is an outstanding accomplishment, which uses the experiences and advice from women with disabilities throughout the world together with up to date, professional health information. The book captures the real life situations of women with disabilities and their issues, their experiences and their desires. This book is a ‘must-have’ for health professionals, international development organizations, international women's organizations and anyone who believes in equality for women with disabilities."
    Susan Sygall, Co-founder and CEO of Mobility International USA; MacArthur Fellow

    "Packed with useful information, helpful tips, and illustrations that deepen our learning, this practical tool for gaining health rights clearly reflects sound practice and the voices and experiences of women with disabilities from around the world. A breakthrough publication!"
    Karen Heinicke-Motsch, World Health Organization

    "Long-awaited, this book provides us, and our families and caregivers, reliable information on sexuality, childbearing, aging and all the other life processes that affect every woman. An accessible resource for wisdom about our health."
    Venus M. Ilagan, Disabled Peoples' International

    "This manual definitely can be used by women with disabilities to understand themselves better, help others to understand them better, and help them teach others to understand them better."
    Dr. Veda Zachariah, Sanjivini Trust, Bangalore, India