Michael Fine  |  2019
    Published by PM Press


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    In Abundance, Julia, a US medical doctor, flees her privileged life to deliver health care in African villages. Carl, also American, but with different experiences as a black man in the US, is an international NGO expat self-exiled in West Africa. The two come together as colleagues (and then more) as Liberia is convulsed in a brutal civil war.

    Michael Fine is a writer, community organizer, family physician, public health official, and author of Health Care Revolt: How to Organize, Build a Health Care System, and Resuscitate Democracy—All at the Same Time. Abundance is his first novel.

    Abundance is a “riveting and suspenseful tale of love, violence, adventure, and idealism” that conveys an excellent understanding of what it is like to work in a conflict zone buffeted by forces of international politics and economics.

    Praise for Abundance

    “A powerful first novel—an epic stretching from the civil wars of Liberia to the streets of Rhode Island. A joy to read!” —Paul J. Stekler, Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker

    “Michael Fine takes us into the heart of a country at war with itself. But our journey, in battered Land Rovers, along potholed red dirt roads, is propelled by love, not hate. That love offers hope for Liberia, our often forgotten sister country, and anyone who confronts despair. Read Abundance. Reignite your own search for a life worth living.” —Martha Bebinger, WBUR