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Juego de Promotor, Nivel 2

    Juego de Promotor, Nivel 2

    Level 2 Promoter Set


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    El Juego de Promotor, Nivel 2 incluye los Manuals del Promotor: Accidentes y traumas, Salud reproductiva, Embarazo y parto, Salud bucodental, Enfermedades crónicas.

    The Level 2 Promoter Set includes the Promoter Manuals: Accidents and Trauma, Reproductive Health; Pregnancy and Birth, Oral Heal, Chronic Diseases.

    Regularly $75 if purchased separately, this set is now only $56.25 – a savings of 25%.

    This set contains all the Level 2 Promoter Manuals in the series Cómo Ensénar Sobre la Salud (How To Teach Health), a multi-year training curriculum. A follow-on course to Where There Is No Doctor, the three levels of Cómo Enseñar Sobre La Salud include instructor's guides and promoter's manuals for each subject.