La Diabetes

    Del NUEVO Donde no hay doctor: La Diabetes

    Spanish edition of Diabetes: Beyond the Basics Hesperian Health Guides  |  2019
    Published by Hesperian


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    La diabetes, parte de la serie de recursos compactos del NUEVO Donde no hay doctor, es para toda persona que tiene diabetes o brinda apoyo a personas que viven con diabetes, ya sean parte de sus familias o de sus comunidades, al igual para aquellas que luchan por prevenir la enfermedad y construir comunidades más saludables. Adaptada del Nuevo Donde no hay doctor, este folleto de 44-páginas detalla los problemas físicos y sociales ligados a la diabetes y proporciona preguntas de discusión para grupos de auto-ayuda y para promotoras y promotores de salud que trabajan el tema. Un recurso esencial y compacto para la promoción de salud. También disponible en inglés.

    “Managing diabetes gives people an opportunity to make positive changes so they can live a healthy, active, and productive life.”

    Diabetes: Beyond the Basics

    The CDC reports that 100 million people in the US have diabetes and another 85 million are pre-diabetic, so it is an illness that affects us all. Adapted from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor, this 52-page booklet can provide you and your community with tools to:

    • Engage people in your community to take on the conditions that lead to diabetes, such as lack of access to healthy food, high levels of stress, and neither enough time nor safe places to exercise.
    • Facilitate health educator training sessions.
    • Enrich meetings for diabetes self-help groups with discussion questions on prevention, signs and symptoms, and managing diabetes.
    Diabetes is a disease with links to nutrition, pregnancy, heart health, and many other health issues. The stresses of poverty, violence, and discrimination can make people more likely to get diabetes, and make it more difficult to manage. We address both the physical and social issues linked to diabetes throughout the booklet, and encourage you to explore other materials from Hesperian for a more expansive view of improving your health and the health of your community.