Environmental Health Set

    Environmental Health Set

    Jeff Conant  |  2016


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    This collection of three booklets on environmental health includes information on clean water, pesticides, and sanitation. Taken from A Community Guide to Environmental Health, these stand-alone materials show how to build safe toilets, purify water and protect watersheds, and reduce harm from toxic chemicals. The set includes Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment, Pesticides are Poison and Water for Life.
    Regularly $23.85 if purchased separately, this set is only $18.95 - a savings of 20%.

    Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment offers information on basic sanitation and hygiene, including instructions on building safe, affordable, environmentally-friendly sanitation systems, as well as learning activities to help communities understand and prevent sanitation-related health problems. (Read full description)

    Pesticides are Poison provides detailed information about pesticides and addresses how to treat people in pesticide emergencies and reduce harm caused by pesticides. It also offers alternate pest control methods that do not use harmful chemicals. (Read full description)

    Water for Life explains how to improve drinking water sources, treat water as a right for all people, make it safe for drinking, and organize water projects to improve community health. (Read full description)