Pwoblèm Kè ak Tansyon

    Pwoblèm Kè ak Tansyon

    Haitian Kreyol translation of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure Hesperian Health Guides  |  2019


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    Haitian Kreyol translation of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
    Chapit Maladi Kè ak Tansyon an bay esplikasyon sou maladi kè yo, e ki wòl tansyon ki wo a ak kolestewòl jwe nan yon kè ki pa gen bon sante. Li gen ladann aktivite yo ki pou atake koz fizik ak sosyal maladi kè yo, e bay ki medikaman yo pi fasil itilize pou desann tansyon wo a.

    Problems in the arteries and veins and problems with the valves inside the heart are all called heart disease. This booklet offers information on all aspects of heart health, from definitions of common heart diseases to the link between inequality and heart problems. Our illustrations and accessible explanations in each section make this booklet a valuable resource for any person wanting to manage their heart health.

    This booklet includes an overview of heart problems, information and guidance on nutrition and activities to lower blood pressure, how cholesterol affects the heart, how social conditions such as poverty, racism, and inequality affect heart health, and recommended medicines for various heart conditions.

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