Aide aux enfants aveugles

    Aide aux enfants aveugles

    French translation of Helping Children Who Are Blind
    Sandy Nieman, Namita Jacob  |  2015
    Produced by Le Tisserin, Published by Hesperian Health Guides


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    Les activités simples et motivantes dans ce livre peuvent aider les parents, soignants, enseignants, agents de santé, agents de la réadaptation, et d’autres à aider un enfant ayant des problèmes de vision à développer ses capacités.

    “When we make our communities places where blind children can thrive, at the same time we will be improving life for everyone.”

    Helping Children Who Are Blind

    The simple and engaging information and activities in Aide aux enfants aveugles enable family members and teaching professionals to help children with vision problems reach their fullest potential. This book is part of Hesperian’s Early Assistance Series, which contains essential information for children with hearing and vision problems.

    Children develop faster during their first five years than at any other stage in their life. During this early period, children who are blind or have vision problems need extra help learning how to rely on their other senses — hearing, touch, smell, and taste — to explore, learn, and interact with the world around them.

    This book is an essential resource for parents, caregivers, teachers, health/rehabilitation workers, and others helping children with vision problems develop their full range of abilities.

    Using drawings and diagrams for easy understanding, Helping Children Who Are Blind provides information on assessing how much a child can see; preventing blindness; helping a child move around safely; preparing for childcare and school; supporting parents of blind children; and teaching common activities like eating, dressing, and keeping clean.

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    Chapter 8: Teaching Everyday Activities (PDF)

    Praise for Helping Children Who Are Blind

    "Helping Children Who Are Blind is a wonderfully written book! It is written in simple language so that anyone can understand it. We have found that teachers in particular find it useful in their classes... We would recommend this book to any professional who is interested in learning how to help children grow and develop."
    Karla B. Storrer, Executive Director, Blind Children's Fund

    "This publication has been included in our resource library where it can be used by families in our community. While the illustrations are obviously geared for families other than the United States, it is good to see a publication that will appeal to the many diverse ethnic families in our communities. In addition, the information the book is very simple and direct and should be of great help to families who have children who are blind."
    Elizabeth Latts, MSW; University of Minnesota Behavioral Pediatrics Program

    “[Helping Children Who Are Blind has] useful practical guidance for parents and specialists who work with blind and visually impaired children.”
    Yuri Lesnevsky, Director, Novosibirsk Regional Special Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Russia