JourneyWoman II

    JourneyWoman II

    Published by Native JourneyWomen


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    The stunning success of JourneyWoman: A Native Woman's Guide to Wellness led the Women's Wellness Program at the Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest (NARA) Indian Health Clinic in Portland, Oregon, to produce a companion book discussing additional health and community issues not covered in the first volume of JourneyWoman.

    “Women’s health is a community issue.”

    JourneyWoman II

    JourneyWoman II covers such health issues as obesity and weight management, dental health, pregnancy, digestive health, Hepatitis C, and autoimmune disorders. It also addresses relationships, stress, substance use, LGBT family issues, mental wellbeing, and alternative medicine.

    JourneyWoman II gives voice to the wisdom of Native wellness, and provides a pathway for individuals, families and communities that respects the healing journey of Native women and their communities.

    Native JourneyWoman is a non-profit organization that provides wellness education and guidance to Native Women.