Malarya, lafyèv deng, ak lòt maladi moustik bay

    Malarya, lafyèv deng, ak lòt maladi moustik bay

    Haitian Kreyol translation of Malaria, Dengue and Other Illnesses from Mosquitoes Hesperian Health Guides  |  2019


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    Chapit Malarya, Lafyèv Deng ak lòt Maladi Moustik bay la pale sou trètman maladi ke moustik yo bay, e medikaman yo itilize pou trete yo. Li gen ladann enfòmasyon sou fason moustik yo gaye maladi yo, sou fason kominote a ka fè pou anpeche moustik yo peple e fason pou anpeche yo pike moun tou.

    Mosquitoes carry many illnesses and spread them to people through their bites. This booklet offers information on many mosquito illnesses, including Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Chikungunya. This resource can help individuals and health workers learn to identify, treat, and prevent these illnesses.

    This booklet provides a comprehensive overview of mosquito-borne illnesses and offers examples of community-based disease prevention methods, including methods using chemical repellents and insecticides as well as organic substances and behavioral methods. It also explains which medicines can be of use and when drug treatment is useless.

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