Health Organizing Set

    Health Organizing Set


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    Three action-based resources that provide concrete strategies and activities for organizing for better health in your community. Topics include environmental health, women’s health and rights, and workers’ health and safety, through the three titles: A Community Guide to Environmental Health, Health Actions for Women and Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety.
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    A Community Guide to Environmental Health helps health promoters, development workers, environmental activists, and community leaders take charge of their own health and the health of their communities in villages and cities alike. Using hundreds of illustrations and clear language, this guide provides the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to begin transforming the crisis in environmental health. (Read full description)

    Health Actions for Women addresses the social obstacles and practices that prevent women and girls from enjoying healthy lives. This resource offers proven strategies and activities to help women and men facilitate community discussions and action around such topics as family planning, sexuality, HIV, and gender-based violence, even in challenging settings where education and organizing for women’s and girls’ health is difficult or dangerous. (Read full description)

    Workers' Guide to Health and Safety shows how workers can assess their workplaces, recognize hazards, and take charge of their health and safety, especially in electronics, shoe, and garment factories. It focuses on developing actionable alternatives to hazardous conditions and organizing for improvements. (Read full description)