Problems with the Eyes and Seeing: Beyond the Basics

    Problems with the Eyes and Seeing: Beyond the Basics

    Written and Published by Hesperian Health Guides  |  2018


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    Problems with the Eyes and Seeing provides simple tools to help health workers and others prevent and care for eye and vision problems in the community. It provides accessible, illustrated information on basic eye care as well as care for eye injuries, infections and emergencies. The 36-page booklet also includes a ready-to-use vision-testing chart. Also available in Spanish.

    Knowing about the eye and its parts will help you keep the eyes healthy and take care of eye problems.

    Problems with the Eyes and Seeing: Beyond the Basics

    Problems with the Eyes and Seeing: Beyond the Basics will help community health workers and others involved in primary care to identify eye and vision problems in a timely way, refer patients to higher levels of care, respond to eye injuries, and promote preventative eye health.

    This 44-page booklet, adapted from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor, is a useful resource to understand what to do about eye problems or poor vision. Anyone interested in eye health — teachers, parents, health workers who are not eye specialists — will find straight-forward information on how to:

    • Respond to eye injuries, identify and treat common eye infections, and recognize danger signs when someone needs emergency help or advanced eye care.
    • Understand how diabetes and high blood pressure lead to vision and eye problems.
    • Test eyesight, especially for school-aged children and for older people who may have cataracts or other conditions, where treatment can stop damage and often restore vision.
    • Learn how the environment and our general health affect eye health and how families and communities can protect the eyes with good nutrition, access to clean water, and keeping eyes safe from too much sun, pollution, or job conditions that cause injury.

    Praise for Problems with the Eyes and Seeing

    “It is very informative, easy to understand, culturally appropriate and user-friendly. It definitely expanded our knowledge on the varied eye problems individuals may be exposed to and the possible preventive and corrective procedures available. Eye health is often overlooked in both urban and rural communities.”
    Hillside Health Care International, Belize

    "We at Seva, a global nonprofit eye care organization, are distributing Hesperian's Problems with the Eyes and Seeing to communities and eye programs where our goal is helping teachers, community leaders, and others to become champions for eye health. Breaking down barriers to information and access is crucial to ensuring the power of sight is within everyone’s reach."
    Seva Foundation, United States

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