El libro de ilustraciones del parto

    El libro de ilustraciones del parto

    Spanish translation of The Childbirth Picture Book
    Fran Hosken, illustrated by Marcia Williams  |  2016
    Produced by The Breastfeeding Center, Published by Hesperian


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    El libro de ilustraciones del parto es una guía sencilla pero sustantiva a todo relacionado con la concepción, el embarazo, el parto y el amamantar. Dentro de sus 64 páginas se encuentran 34 dibujos detallados que muestran cada etapa del proceso reproductivo. También disponible en árabe, inglés, francés y Urdu.

    “Women everywhere experience the same joys and tribulations of childbearing, and the same health concerns.”

    The Childbirth Picture Book

    Along with line drawings, The Childbirth Picture Book includes accompanying text to provide more detail for teachers, caregivers, and women who want in-depth information. This is an ideal teaching tool for midwives and community health workers in the US and around the world. The narrative is designed to answer questions and stimulate discussion.

    First produced in 1981, The Childbirth Picture Book was thoroughly updated in 2008 and is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Urdu.