The Greatest Good

    The Greatest Good

    Davida Coady, MD  |  2018
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    Dr. Davida Coady's memoir recounts an adventurous life in international health — a journey through war zones, refugee camps, urban slums and remote villages in over 30 countries. In the US, she established immigrant and farmworker clinics, and substance use recovery programs. Dr. Coady relates an inspirational life, driven by the motto: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People.

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    “Do as much as you can, as well as you can, for as many as you can, for as long as you can.”

    The Greatest Good (quoted from Aengus Finucane)

    On Hesperian’s Board of Directors for over 25 years, and an inspiration and counsel for Hesperian staff, Dr. Davida Coady was first on the ground for global humanitarian crises: Biafra, Bangladesh, Peru, Central America. Her work in international health led her to the polio eradication campaign in India, refugee camps for victims of the Nigerian Civil War, and health clinics in Haiti and Guatemala. Back home she built the Venice Family Clinic into the largest free clinic in America, helped Cesar Chavez establish a new health system for farm workers, marched alongside Dan Berrigan, Pete Seeger, and Martin Sheen, was arrested 50 times, created the first drug court in the Bay Area, and built an alcohol and drug treatment program that houses and treats thousands of clients every year -- whether they can pay or not.

    Deeply human, flawed and glorious, Davida relates an inspirational life richly and well-lived, driven by the motto: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People. The book recounts an adventurous life laced with deep disappointment, lasting accomplishment and enduring friendship. Those who knew her will not be surprised by the stubborn focus, stunning generosity, incisive judgment and self-deprecating humor on display in its pages. Learn more about her life and public health work through her memoir, The Greatest Good.

    Dr. Coady's memorial service was held on June 7th, 2018, at the Northbrae Community Church in Albany, CA. Watch this touching service dedicated to Davida and her amazing work throughout her life.