Training for Transformation in Practice

    Training for Transformation in Practice

    Edited by Anne Hope and Sally Timmel  |  2014
    Published by Practical Action


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    Training for Transformation in Practice shares 27 stories of how the Training for Transformation approach has been adapted in countries all over the world. In widely different contexts and cultures, this method has evoked strong creative leadership and deep commitment, sometimes bringing about major changes at the cultural and legal levels. The book is inspiring reading for students and practitioners of adult education and community organizing.

    "It is possible to change our world into a more just society."

    Training for Transformation in Practice

    Training for Transformation is an approach to community development encompassed in four books that enables people to “read their reality and write their own history” using a combination of group processes, socio-economic analysis and organizational development processes. Since its inception 40 years ago, Training for Transformation has been put into practice in over 60 countries globally.

    But how have people been using these materials in their communities over this period? Training for Transformation in Practice brings together the experiences of activists who have adapted these materials to their own social and cultural contexts. The book describes the roots of Training for Transformation in people’s struggles in the global South to gain political and economic independence and to overcome poverty. It outlines the theoretical origins of the approach in the works of Paolo Freire and others, and includes Impact Assessment Tools, developed by activists who have used the training in their work. The accounts in this book include trials and errors, traumas and triumphs, in an amazing variety of situations.

    Praise for Training for Transformation in Practice

    "This book helps me to make an ethical and spritual assessment of my work as an educator and academic. I will keep it close."
    Dr. Dominiek Lootens, educator at Caritas, Belgium, and lecturer at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule in Vallendar, Germany

    "...the enduring impact of Training for Transformation is because ordinary people recognize - and are inspired by - such a call to action."
    Daryl McLean, development practitioner, South Africa

    "Training for Transformation in Practice brings together the vivid personal accounts of how a particular method and approach transforms lives. The outcome is empowerment and liberation for people."
    Dr. Noel Bradley, Social Health Education Project, Cork, Republic of Ireland