Water for Life

    Water for Life

    Jeff Conant  |  2013


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    This selected material from Hesperian's Community Guide to Environmental Health explains how to improve drinking water sources, treat water as a right for all people, make it safe for drinking, and organize water projects to improve community health in 46 pages. Also available in Spanish and French.

    “As long as all people have a say in how water is collected, conserved, and used, solutions can be found for even the most difficult problems.”

    Water for Life

    Water is essential for life. People, animals, and plants all need water to live and to grow. But in many parts of the world people lack enough water to stay healthy. Many people have to travel long distances to collect water. And often, the water that is available is not safe to drink.

    This 48-page guide describes ways to collect, store, and conserve water, and to protect and treat water so it is safe to drink. It also helps to ensure water security by raising community awareness about water problems, and by showing ways to organize for change. The solutions offered here can be applied to small water systems anywhere. As long as all people have a say in how water is collected, conserved, and used, solutions can be found for even the most difficult problems.

    Praise for A Community Guide to Environmental Health

    "This timely guide is the Where There Is No Doctor of community water, sanitation and environmental health. It makes water, health and hygiene accessible to those who need it most. Focusing on the important intersection of public health and risk reduction at the community level FOR the community, this guide is literally a lifesaver."
    Miriam Aschkenasy, MD, MPH, Public Health Specialist, Oxfam America

    "You have produced something quite extraordinary. The Community Guide will certainly be much used for the benefit of poor communities around the world. Too little has been done to provide this type of practical and useful information to communities. The human rights approach in the guide is especially useful."
    Ingvar Andersson, former Head of Water Division, Swedish International Development Cooperation (Sida)

    "A Community Guide to Environmental Health will restore hope in communities that they can play active roles in preserving environmental health and by so doing, stay healthy. With this excellent guide, community people can now learn how to protect themselves and also know what projects to resist in their communities. A very timely publication."
    Nnimmo Bassey, Director, Environmental Rights Action, Nigeria

    “This book shows the myriad ways in which water is essential to health, and how our health is threatened by those who would deny our right to water through privatization, pollution, and profiteering. An incredible educational and organizing tool in the struggle for water democracy and global survival.”
    Maude Barlowe, Director and Co-Founder, Blue Planet Project; and National Chairperson, Council of Canadians

    "A Community Guide to Environmental Health, another great book of the Hesperian Foundation on helping communities, especially poor and marginalized communities, is a welcome and very useful guide in addressing seemingly common but aggravating environmental health issues in the everyday lives of people that don’t have access to formal and expensive health care programs. This book offers inexpensive and practical and environment-friendly ways to handle health and environment problems in the home, workplace and in the community in general."
    Sonia Mendoza, Director, Mother Earth Foundation, Philippines