Where There Is No Pet Doctor

    Where There Is No Pet Doctor

    David LaVigne  |  2021
    Published by David Lavigne


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    Written by a veterinarian and long-distance sailor, Where There is No Pet Doctor is designed for people traveling with pets in areas where little or no veterinary care is available. This health manual is a must-have for backwoods or international travelers, sailors, people who focus on preparedness, and anyone spending substantial time in areas lacking veterinary services.

    “[W]hen it comes to health issues...it’s up to you to be your pet’s common sense.”

    Where There Is No Pet Doctor

    Where There Is No Pet Doctor addresses the ways that you, as a pet owner with common sense and a few skills, may be able to treat your dog or cat until professional care is available, or provide emergency, life-saving treatment, if needed.

    The book includes a rating system to gauge various procedures according to both degree of difficulty and possible risk to the pet. Suggested lists of drugs and supplies are also included, along with a drug formulary that gives proper dosages for many medications found in human medical kits.

    Praise for Where There Is No Pet Doctor

    “Unlike other pet care books, [it] takes it to the next level...We would highly recommend that before you ever set out to cruise again with pet in tow that this book goes on board as well.”
    Florida Dog Magazine

    “[A] fully stocked medical manual...In addition to various diseases and treatments [he] also offers preventative measures and level-headed advice once injury has occurred.”
    Soundings Magazine

    “[T]his book is actually fun to read. Moreover, it contains a wealth of information on how to keep your pet healthy in remote settings—everything from preventing parasites to removing fish hooks...This guy knows about cruising and about animal medicine.”
    Canadian Yachting