Huduma ya kwanza

    Huduma ya kwanza

    Hesperian Health Guides  |  2019


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    Swahili translation of First Aid
    First Aid is essential reading for anyone who might encounter an emergency situation - which is everyone. The 88-page booklet has simple, easy-to-remember instructions for identifying and tending to over thirty different kinds of emergencies. Translated into Swahili, it also includes strategies for establishing calm and a guide on emergency medicines. Also available in Haitian Kreyol.

    "Wakati dharura hutokea, ni muhimu sana kujua jinsi tunaweza kukabiliana na shida moja kwa moja. Hii itatusaidia kuwa na akili zetu wazi, kujua nini tunahitaji kufanya kwanza.

    -Huduma ya Kwanza

    Emergencies come without warning and quick, effective first aid could be the difference between life and death. This 88-page booklet prepares readers by giving step-by-step directions on what to do when encountering an emergency situation. With explanatory images and diagrams, this guide is for everyone to use easily. You don’t have to be a healthcare worker or caregiver to benefit from these simple, easy-to-remember instructions.

    The booklet covers over thirty different kinds of emergencies including breathing problems, wounds, broken bones, infections, burns, shock, poison, allergies, and police weapons as well as diabetic and mental health emergencies. Equipped with a handy guide on emergency medicines, readers can be prepared in the event of a potentially tragic situation.

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