Transformation Set

    Transformation Set

    Anne Hope, Sally Timmel  |  2002
    Published by Practical Action


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    The innovative training techniques and approaches to community development provided in Training for Transformation Volumes 1-4 assist community educators and and activists in the development of self-reliant communities. Training for Transformation in Practice shares experiences of activists using these methods.
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    Training for Transformation, Vols 1-3 integrate approaches and methodologies essential for participatory education, organizational development, and community self-reliance. These books encourage training that helps groups find the root causes of health problems. They are ideal for adult educators, social workers, community organizers, churches, trade unions, and all those concerned with creating social justice. (Read full description)

    Training for Transformation, Volume 4 is a practical and accessible workbook for education and community development workers. Focusing on the environment, gender and development, ethnic and racial conflict, intercultural understanding, and building participatory governance, each section contains simulations, real life stories, statistics, news articles, and poetry and drama from local communities. (Read full description)

    Training for Transformation in Practice shares 27 stories of how the Training for Transformation approach has been adapted in countries all over the world, bringing about major changes at the cultural and legal levels. The accounts in this book include trials and errors, traumas and triumphs, in an amazing variety of situations, and are inspiring reading for students and practitioners of adult education and community organizing. (Read full description)